Wie bestellen?

What to do when buying goods from our online store:


There is no need to register to shop in our online store. You can register by clicking on the link "Sign in" and then fill out the registration form. Confirm your registration by clicking on "Register" and you are automatically logged in.


If you have already registered, and want to log in, use and click on the link "Sign in" . After typing user name and password confirm by clicking "Login" .


Choose your desired product. For all goods information is assigned in the form of images, text and prices including VAT. With your required products, you can choose the number of pieces and then by clicking on the "in basket" you insert it to the shopping trolley/ basket. You can place any number of goods Into the trolley .


After clicking on "Your basket" you will be able to see the items you have selected and the total price. Postage and packaging is always paid by the buyer unless a previous agreement has been signed. You can again check the status of your order and if appropriate, amend the order – or remove items. If you are not registered, complete the contact information. Confirmation of the order is made by clicking on "Submit Order". Booking made through this system is mandatory! After we recieve your order an email will be sent confirming receipt of your order by us as the retailer.


Customers have the opportunity to check the receipt of the order and at what stage the order is, and whether it is processed or if the goods have been sent to the customer's address already.


If the product is currently not in stock you, the customer, will be informed about the alternate delivery time by email or telephone as soon as possible.