About us

As so often in life, so at the birth of an idea to produce wooden toys was an accident. 

 After the revolution in 1990 when we founded our joinery workshop we looked at joinery work (windows, doors, stairs, etc.) From the beginning we produced all the machines in a small rented garage.  In a short time we  also learned and started with Turning clock cases, which are highly demanding for their accuracy and stability of wood, it was a good experience for further development in the field of toys.  Also in this post-revolution time we got the first request for production of components and then the whole toys.  At that time we managed to show a typical Czech characteristics and skills for improvisation, because there were no freely available tools yet and for timber it was even worse. Yet we have stood against the test of quality and began to produce the first series of toys. 

 In our newly-built joinery workshop with 12 employees we were producing toys for  over 15 years with guarantee of  the highest quality, we did it for export only, and not just for market in Europe but also  for Japan, Australia and USA.  We also produced the special requirements, such as the production of money boxes (Snowman ) - ( squeak Knack ),  for the world famous studio PIXAR.  I note, produced, because of the consequences and insolvency of our business partner, we had to drastically reduce our production. 

 As the time is passing, we see and feel everything differently, and that is why we recently decided to start again to create beautiful things and make funny things for our smallest.  We are still receiving business demands from abroad, where the toys were sold for more than 15 years and now they miss them greatly.  Under the new design proposals we have prepared a new collection of toys for year 2010, newly we are ready to sell them in the Czech Republic under trade mark- ART-WT (Art Wooden Toys),  for now  we are thematically focused on movements forward  with five species- five animal scooters and five money-boxes on saving money.  On this collection we  own testimonials and certificates, and we willadd more in the future, as  it had previously happened (rocking animal scooters , lights and clocks). Toys are the result of long-term cooperation with artist Tomas Svoboda.

 As a matter of interest, I can say, that for the money-boxes, we have developed a functional eccentric mansion that has got 15 years of age and is used unchanged and still meets all the requirements, moreover -especially for the production of money-boxes is exclusively used only the highest quality and our most precious wood, OAK.  Similar interesting thing is with scooters, which are made of pine wood have beautiful wood artwork on them and that is why the wood will look even better after colour staining.  Conversely stressed parts such as wheels are made of maple, we put red rubber rings on  them, which does not damage the interior flooring and the wheels have silicone cases, which even after many years of use ensure a quiet and easy operation.  Before this casing we had  some animal scooters,  which after some time started to run and squeak.  We solved the problem and for the last 15 years  there is light everywhere we sell our products.