Terms and conditions of sale of goods

1st Order

Individual purchase contracts are negotiated on the basis of electronic orders of the buyer.  The order must contain the following basic elements: 
  • Seller -  business name (name) and address, seller's ID (the buyer  selects from   e-shop menu for ordering goods) 
  •  Buyer - full name, title, company name and address, place of business or residence of the buyer, the buyer's identification number and VAT number, if registered for VAT and operating business affairs, phone and e-mail of the buyer. 
  • specification of required goods  with stating of the product code that uniquely identifies the subject of  the order (numerical marking of the products by type,which  is on price list given in e-shop) 
  • number of items of the demanded products 
  • chosen method of payment 
  • required date of delivery of goods 
  • address for delivery of goods and their delivery method 
Based on the proper order ,the seller shall verify the order in which the seller confirms the type, the estimated price and quantity of products, which he undertakes to deliver to the buyer and the date of delivery. The order after it has been verified  by the seller is taken as obligatory for both sides. This regulation is not binding on the seller if the manufacturer stops supplying the product or is introducing new version of products. In case that there will not be ordered goods available on stock at the time when the order is being made the seller reserves the rights for price changes at the time of loading to the stock .The buyer must notify the seller about this fact and buyer must agree to the change in prices. In case of disagreement, the order is taken as completely cancelled.

2nd Payment Terms

The standard method of payment of the purchased goods is payment made on delivery of goods to the buyer  by a courier, ie.  cash on acquisition of goods.  Other methods of payment of the purchase price depends on the buyer's agreement with the seller during verification of the order.

3rd Supply of goods, delivery

Seller and buyer agree to the following forms of delivery (see section 3.1, 3.2., 3.3. and 3.4) either in the  Czech Republic.  Condition for the supply of goods in that period are: 
  • Order verification 
  • Available stocks of goods ordered, in the quantity which has been ordered, on the electronic order form 
  • appropriate implementation of the agreed method of payment on account of the seller (payment in advance, called the proforma-invoice). 
Ordered goods are normally shipped the next working day following the fulfilment of the conditions mentioned above.

 3.1 On delivery address with COD

Goods are sent to the customer by COD carrier on delivery.  The carrier delivers parcels on weekdays, usually within 24 hours of dispatch.  In the event that the seller's carrier is unable to reach the buyer  at his address, a written notice containing contact information and information concerning when goods will be delivered again will be left.  Buyer can contact carrier at that phone number and agree to another place and time of delivery.  If the buyer contacts the carrier, the carrier tries to deliver the goods next working day.  In the event that this will happen more than once, the carrier will leave the same notice again.  If the buyer will not contact the carrier within five working days, the carrier returns goods back to the seller.  In the case of larger amounts to be recovered, carrier contacts the buyer by phone and agrees with him in advance the date of delivery.

 3.2 At no cash on delivery to address

Goods will be delivered on  equal conditions as  in case of COD,  however there will be an  actual agreement  between the seller and buyer  for this case of individual payment.

 3.3 Personal acceptance in the place of the seller

Buyer agrees to pick the goods up at the premises of the seller.  The seller will ask the buyer to pick up goods by phone or e-mail, according to the order within one working day of meeting the above requirements for delivery.

 3.4 Delivery of goods - weight limits

In the event that the weight of one of the items on your order exceeds 50 kg, the buyer has to  make the mentioned personal pick up of the goods only.

 May 3 Place of extraction of the goods

The place for the collection of goods by parts :3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 is a storage vendor of the seller.  The duty of the seller is  to deliver the goods which have been ordered is fulfilled by  its delivery to the buyer at an agreed place of extraction or  by the time of forward of this delivery to the transport carrier for shipment to its destination, by this time the risk of any damage to the goods (the risk of damage to goods, loss, theft, etc.) is entirely in the hands of the buyer.  All goods supplied by the seller  to the carrier at the place of extraction is  on the territory of  the Czech Republic insured up to 50.000, - CZK.

 4.1 Within the Czech borders

Freight is charged  In the price of the goods : 
  • the delivery address with COD: 150, - CZK per shipment CZ with - Geis
  • the delivery address with COD: 175, - CZK per shipment CZ with - Czech Post
  • to no cash on delivery address: 100, - CZK per shipment CZ with - Geis
  • to no cash on delivery address: 120, - CZK per shipment CZ with - Czech Post
  • to no cash on delivery post office: 110, - CZK per shipment CZ with - Czech Post
  • personal collection in the place of the seller: 0, - CZK.

4.2 Within the Slovakian borders

Freight is charged  In the price of the goods : 
  • to no cash on delivery address: 200, - CZK per shipment SK with - Geis

4.3 Within the Germany borders

Freight is charged  In the price of the goods :
  • to no cash on delivery address: 330, - CZK per shipment DE with - Geis
The price includes  the relevant VAT.

 4.4 Outside countries :EU,abroad,etc.
After submitting your order (purchase) via E-shop, there will be an email sent to your adress with the offer for optional freight charges and delivery time to your chosen destination.You should recieve this email within 24hours.After recieving your response your order will be proceeded to it's finalisation.

5th Contractual penalty

The Contracting Parties agree that in the event that the seller will expedite the goods ordered by the buyer and the buyer of the goods will not accept them from the carrier as is mentioned in the terms of the delivery, the seller is entitled to require payment of a contractual penalty (cancellation fee) of EUR 400, - CZK, unless the parties agree otherwise.

6th  Consumer

contracts and the rights of withdrawal 
In cases where the sale of goods (or the realization of the course of performance) is made by the consumer under a contract with the means of distance communication (including e-commerce on the Internet), the purchaser - the consumer has got  the right to cancel the contract within 14 days from receiving receipt of fulfilment. Only in the case that the supplier  did not  not transmit to the consumer the information which is in accordance with § 53 paragraph 4 and 5 of the Civil code is required to forward, this period shall be three months from recieving the receipt of fullfilment. If this information  in accordance with the provisions § 53 paragraph 4 and 5 of the Civil Code  are duly passed during those three months of receipt of the transaction is to end the three month period and has since run two-week period. 
The consumer can not withdraw from the treaties listed in § 53 paragraph 7 of the Civil Code, which are: 
  • contracts to supply goods under demand from the consumer 
  • contracts to supply goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations of financial markets beyond the control of suppliers and 
  • other contracts listed by the law. 
Consumer notification of withdrawal from a distance contract must be to the supplier (seller) is delivered to the end of the withdrawal period. Taking advantage of this right of cancellation the consumer is required to properly complete return of goods (performance), ie. in its original condition and packaging, capable of resale, intact, with all papers and documents that were delivered to the consumer.  The consumer returns goods to the address of the supplier.  Result of the resignation of party is obligation to return what you have received under the contract.  The direct cost of returning goods shall be borne by the consumer.  Following the resignation of a proper return by the consumer, the Contractor shall without delay return the amount paid for consumer goods, after deducting the costs incurred by the seller to transport goods to the consumer. 
Distance contract, the consumer can only cancel under the conditions stipulated by the Civil Code (§ 49, § 517, paragraph 1, § 597, § 623, § 679). 
The consumer, as defined above, means the customer - the buyer, who, at the conclusion of the contract is not a part of his own business or other activities.

7th Privacy Policy

In the event that the purchaser is an individual, enters  to the order the following information: Name, complete mailing address, email address, telephone number.  This information is necessary to identify the purchaser and any communication. 
If the buyer is a legal person, enters in the register form  the following additional information: Company name, identification number.  If the buyer is individual- entrepreneur, he/she must give extra information about their place of business, registration number and VAT number. These allow to execute the necessary financial transactions, prepare tax documents usually required by both parties, or to identify the buyer's payment made by bank transfer. 
The seller protects the buyer's private data from being misused.  Collects this information to improve its services and does not give it to third parties without the consent of the buyer. 
Using e-shop buyer agrees to the collection and use of information about themselves and their purchases according to the above mentioned rules.

 8th Other arrangements

Buyer acknowledges and agrees that the rights and obligations between the seller and the buyer in addition to those terms and conditions governing the seller's business conditions, which are available at the headquarters of the seller or on his website and the procedure for a claim of defective goods (complaint) Complaints Procedure Sellers List, which is also available at the headquarters of the seller or on his website. 
The Buyer declares that before completing and sending orders they are acquainted with these business conditions, business conditions and the seller's Complaints Procedure and that the buyer agrees with these. 
Completing and submitting electronic orders (or other forms of orders via remote communication such as fax), the buyer also confirms that he was informed by seller  in his  business terms of accessible 'web browser'  about information under provisions of § 53 paragraph 4 of the Civil Code, ie. vendor identification (trade name, ID, location, event. residence in case ofindividual), name of goods ordered, and its main characteristics, cost of goods, delivery costs, payment and delivery to the right of withdrawal from ust § 53 paragraph 6 of the Civil Code, the cost of using the means of distance and time during which the offer or the price remains valid.