Wooden toys - a tradition that lives on

For many families a gift which doesn’t age is the traditional wooden toy. Their main advantages are not only durability and timelessness but also the use of quality materials and functional design. Such a toy will stand up to even the smallest children.

The use of quality raw materials in the production of exclusive toys is essential, therefore we really care about preparation. The wood is solely taken from the Czech forests, and before going into production, is left to mature for 2-5 years followed by additional drying. Due to this production procedures our toys do not suffer from warping or twisting which are otherwise normal in wooden products. Our company has been producing wooden toys since 1990 and so we have a great deal of experience in this particular . Our toys are made in accordance with European standard EN-71.

Characteristic features which include wooden toys are especially - durability, safety and wholesomeness. Quality toys withstand even the most demanding games so children are protected against injury caused by broken parts. Wooden toys stand above others due to their extreme durability. It does not come as a suprise when you see that toys are being used by children which have been handed down from generation to generation. One fact, unique to wooden toys is that they do not only put a smile on the faces of the children but theydo the same with adults who cherish their childhood memories throughout their lives . Their visual performance is ideal for direct reuse. Increasingly ,customers are buying wooden toys as an original complement to their interior decoration, where they also buy extra support for traditional Czech producer and the use of material from the Czech forests, design TEDE - Tomáš Svoboda.

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